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Fingerprint option not available

Rising Star II
Today after i charged my phone,i wasnt able to unlock my phone with fingerprint so i thought may be problem due to android 10 and i went to settings to re enroll it
But couldn't find the option at all
Im telling you this is the worst experience with softwqre so far and before you tell me to reset i would like to point out all the problems i faced and the solutions
1.restart problem in pie-did a factory reset
2.ui lags- did a factory reset(android 10)
3.switching off after call ends -no solution yet
4.asus lancher keeps crashing -did a factory reset(android pie)
5.bluetooth connectivity issue -did a restrat(android 10)
6. no long press response -did a restart(android 10)

I can do a reset or restart and I'm sure device would be fine but should i restart and reset every day .I can do a reset or some kind if i find a bug in a year or 6 months but this is not acceptable at all
Is this the kind of experience you want to give...please do good testing in software....i regret going for this device rather than one plus considering this is my first flasgship and i wanted this to be somewhat unique and i trusted asus ....@Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS
I don't have any grudge against the brand ,i respect it for it's Innovation but after spending 33k on a phone and getting this kind of useless experience is not at all acceptable


Rising Star II

Rising Star II
why do these things keep happening? these dont seem to be usual android previous phone was honor 5c(150$ phone) and i hardly did a reset in the 2 years i used it.....yes emui had its bugs but none like these

Rising Star I
Restrat the device, it was android 10 problem, i had seen in pixel 3 devices also sometimes in that devices screen unlocks with incorrect password

Community Legend II
Some of these issues happen due to incremental updates (which is why some users find that they go away when using the full UL package to update)
Some happen due to corrupt existing data.
Some happen due to Android 10.
Some happen due to Android 10 and the base-code from Google/Qualcomm
Some of this happen due to Asus bugs.

The big difficulty is that not everything will happen to everyone, making generic debugs really difficult.
We are soon issuing a new update, which hopefully addresses some of your issues.