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Decrease in speed after Android Q

Hello Guys,Initially after updating to android Q, speed was quite fast. But with time my phone is getting slower and slower. Storage memory is used about 46% only. Taking time while unlocking with fingerprint.Anyone else facing the same issue?

nits by Star I
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Network speed meter - Automation.

There should be an option for automatically hiding the network speed meter when internet is turned off . Sometimes it shows data flow even though network is turned off, I know data can't flow if network is turned off. It's just I open chrome or any n...

Saran by Rising Star II
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Resolved! How to enable multiple users?

Hi, how can I enable multiple users on my phone.Is it supported? If not, why not?I don't want to root just got this feature.

mammenj by Star III
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Zenfone 6 Color Temperature

Does anyone know how to make the color white display real white without the yellow tint. i already set color temperature to the coolest setting but still feel inadequate. My old Zenfone 3 can do better job even. Is this intenional by design?

Charging time

For last 5% of charging it has taken almost 23 minutes you can seee the time taken in the screen shots


Spotify can't be accessed on the lock screen

Because Spotify is a silent notification, the lock screen ignores it. If you make it alerting, the phone then vibrates and plays the notification tone every new track. The notifications in Android 10 in general I seem to be having problems with, for ...

Supra by Rising Star I
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Paint on side metal frame chipping.

The paint on my Zenfone 6's side metal frame is starting to chip with small dots exposing the inner aluminium. I use my phone with a soft Silicone case all the time and have no idea how the paint could be chipping on the inside. Haven't dropped my ph...

Camera malfunction?

Am I doing something wrong or is my unit defective?I really love my new Zenfone 6 in so many ways but I am having so much trouble when trying to take still photos of my 1,5 year toddler that I am about to give up ang get another phone.When I activate...


Camera not working

When camera open it says camera keep stopping now only hava a problem

Resolved! Unable to install fonts on my Asus 6Z after hard rest.

I installed a font on my Asus 6Z named 'Source Sans Pro' from the app 'iFont' while I got the phone with Android 9. Later the phone got upgraded to Android 10. The font was still there. After hard resetting my phone due to a conflict caused by one h...