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Are our devices being nerfed?

Rising Star II
Under multiple occasions I have mentioned how ASUS is making the phone worse and worse, including but not limited to: breaking of pro mode (purple tint), breaking of GCam, breaking of battery life in Android 10. If our devices are being nerfed intentionally, mods please reply yes. We are fed up of the fake hope brought about by "community feedback" that never came to fruition.

Rising Star II
Addendum: some companies like to do "planned obsolescence" where devices are planned to decay and new devices are bought instead. ASUS may have accidentally made an phone that have the potential to last for ages, including the LCD screen that does not burn in, and the camera design that, in the case of a failed motor, can be pried out by our thumbs. Should ASUS think that they are giving us too much and intentionally nerf our device, notify us so that we unlock our devices immediately with waiting for potential software updates that won't come if the company is intentionally hindering the device.
In previous posts I have point out exactly what ASUS should do to have a good public image. Now, I point out what ASUS should do to maximize profit. If you inform us that planned obsolescence is indeed the cause of the nerfing, we'll unlock our device so that it is no longer eligible for official repair service, and you may further cut cost down.
I have given what ASUS can do in the two ends of the spectrum of good company vs bad company. Staying in the middle won't work. Reply immediately.

@Anders_ASUS why can't you understand the issues with the camera ? Do you think it's fun for the customers to complaint unnecessarily ?tell the device you want to compare your device with

Rising Star II
I would like to mention that there is NO NEED to understand what was wrong with current version. All you need to do to settle all this debate is to either reply "YES" to admit planned obsolescence, or alternatively roll back all changes made after 189 and reply "NO" to show that you really care. No understanding of camera required, and layman can do it.

Star III
They want us to compare with another phone at similar pricing , with both phones running stock software , but comparing to 5z is unfair it seems , cuz 5z is better than 6z u see... We should compare this phone to other phones with worse camera performance only , else it will become unfair XD