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Automatic dark/light theme and parameter bug

The parameter bug for use the Display section will be relate to the Android 10 dark and light overlay maybe, because in Android 9 i used the automatic option in développer options to Switch dark and light by day Time,to have this in Android 10 i must...

Why not possible USB -c mirroring ?

Why isn't possible by a fix in update to activate totally fonctionnality of the usb-c possibility?,because HDMI mirroring and more will be a very Big feature for this phone!please think about this.

DS4 controller not compatible with Android 10

Please dix the connection problem with DS4 controller,because the Sony remonte play App is compatible and work,but when i attempt to connect DS4 controller by USB,the controller don't work ,and if i connect by bluetooth (with the correct DS4 method),...


i am talking about earphones which comes in boxinitially sound in 1 earpiece low compared to another onebut not it completely stop working.what to do....

Detect battery draining apps

Is there anyway to turn this feature off for certain apps? It's not much use for the phone to alert me to the fact that my podcast app or Tunein radio is using battery in the background when I'm walking around listening to them ?I've only found the t...

Hidden apps

Asus , when we hide apps , the apps are hiding good , but we are intended to use that apps we are forcing to unhide that application Please bring a update for to use apps in hidden mode only , withouth unhide apps again

Updates policy

How asus is providing software updates for asus 6z?Once in every two months OrOnce in three months Or Update will provide only when there is bug Please tell us mr@CH_ASUS @LP_ASUS So that We can plan further

Funcionamiento wifi

El administrador de conexión a redes inalámbricas es capas de detectar la red conocida con mayor intensidad y conectarse automáticamente?En mi experiencia de uso el móvil (zenfone 6) es lento en detectar variaciones en intensidad de señal de redes co...