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Camera malfunction?

Am I doing something wrong or is my unit defective?I really love my new Zenfone 6 in so many ways but I am having so much trouble when trying to take still photos of my 1,5 year toddler that I am about to give up ang get another phone.When I activate...


Camera not working

When camera open it says camera keep stopping now only hava a problem

Resolved! Unable to install fonts on my Asus 6Z after hard rest.

I installed a font on my Asus 6Z named 'Source Sans Pro' from the app 'iFont' while I got the phone with Android 9. Later the phone got upgraded to Android 10. The font was still there. After hard resetting my phone due to a conflict caused by one h...


Resolved! Enabling one handed mode on my Asus 6z made my phone unusable!?

There is a serious bug in one handed mode in Asus 6z (Android 10). Yesrerday I enbled it for the first time after updating the phone to Android 10. The one handed mode was activated. The whole interface became unusable. The phone was not responding t...

Phone doesn't switch on - charging icon displayed on-screen

Hi all, I returned home yesterday with ~16% battery so I switched it off overnight as the charger&cable were not at hand. I woke up this morning, got charger&cable, plugged all in and the phone showed the green charge icon on-screen, but it won't swi...

d_secci by Star I
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DND icon

The icon appears in status bar even after turning it off. The solution I found is to disable DND icon but the issue is, sometimes we may need it to show.

Single tap to turn on screen request

I love the Z6 and ZenUi. But I find the "double tap to turn on the screen" quite inconsistent. It usually takes a few tries before the screen actually turns on. And that could be my fault, that I'm not tapping fast enough or the taps are too far away...

cornelis by Star III
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Fast charge not working anymore on my Zenfone 6

Hello I have a very big issue with my phone..3 days ago I left my charger at work, so when my phone completely discharged to 0%, I had to charge it overnight with a non-fast charge adapter I had at home.. it took all the night to charge to about 70%....

Stock camera over gcam on Android 10

With gcam mod based on 7.009 the results are most good,it's the Only version of Google cam will work good, i don't test all settings but this litte sample talk by themselfe, the 2 first pictures by Stock camera,first night mode, and the 2 following t...

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