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Asus 6z Gallery app performance issues.

I'm a huge fan of the asus's gallery app since my zenfone 3. Especially for its 'hide/unhide albums' feature. While hiding/unhiding an album containing aboubt 50 photos/videos, my zenfone 3 would take less than 5 seconds, irrespective of the album si...

Zenfone 6 Power and volume menu alignment mismatch.

I've updated my zenfone 6 to android 10 a couple of days back. I've noticed that while pressing volume buttons, the sliders appear near the power button and while pressing and holding the power button, the power menu appears near volume buttons. It's...

New Zenfone 6 does not turn on any more

I received my ZF6 today. (6GB RAM, 64GB)I was installing apps and wanted to do a reboot. As far as I know I installed a single system update, but it was not Android 10.After my phone shut down it doesn't turn on again. The battery was around 70% so t...

Can't use sim block apps after Android 10

HiDoes other than myself use app root call sms manager (works without root) or sim-blocker & call-blocker. I find them very useful, and they can block incoming call at specific time at day of sim card 1 or 2. Nice when you have free from work, and cl...

JBL by Star II
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Google Phone compatibility

Some of us are used to a Google phone from a previous devices. I used it on Nexus 5X and Xiaomi Mi A1. Would it be possible for Asus to ensure compatibility with this application?https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.dialer...

_jis_ by Zen Master III
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Flip camera comes out side

When u shake asus 6z mobile for 10 to 15 times flip camera comes out , Howerver it goes back , Asus you should have put a strong magintude power to attach camera to back it self , And while opening front camera power shall be lost However i am thinki...

Battery drain

Hi @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS Why battery is draining so fast, you see my screen shot For Screen usage battery drain is 16% While for others it is acceptable Suggest me good to use battery


No additional options after long press

When i long press an app no options are showing up like,edit or uninstall etc..it just takes as though i did a single tap and opens up the app And also not able to open app preferences cause its gestue is also based on long presses in home screen2019...

prashanth by Rising Star II
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Asus 6z Standcase

Hi,Where to buy official Asus 6z Standcase in bangalore