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Battery in android 10

Dear Asus, I praised the battery before, but I have to say that after upgrading to android 10 it discharges very quickly. 1% in 5 minutes on average, it disappoints me very much because I bought a phone for a large battery. I feel poor vibrations but...

Downgrade file request

Hey @LP_ASUS Currently there is .194 downgradable file available in the web site , but .194 has pink tint bug in pro mode , android 10 has been really bad experience , laggs and bad camera ,Kindly give us with any downgradable version file under .189...

Wont turn on or charge

HiI just got this phone for new and it wont turn or or charge. Been charging for 30mins now, the charger works

Call log issue - Missed calls.

I can't see outgoing missed calls to a person on the phone app's call history. Does anyone experiencing this? Give a missed call to a person, go to that contact's call log. Can't find that missed call, but can see attended calls before that one. Have...

Saran by Rising Star II
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Touches on screen while calling

@Anders_ASUS Hello, after update to Android 10 I had ton of problems.In the end I had to factory reset my phone but one problem remained.When I call or accept the call I have phone on my ear, i continuously feel vibrations, most probably from touches...

Android Auto problem

When phone with dual sims is connected to cars head unit in Android auto mode making the call through head unit is not possible as Android auto does not support dual sim but on my previous phone when i dail a number on headunit a popup appears on pho...

paras0710 by Rising Star II
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Asus camera disable Andres Asus

Sir there is no option for camera disable because for my job working in companyFake camera app used in max Pro M1 but 6z not thereUpload a photo please see and replayScreenshot_20191122-134445400.jpg This is 6zP_20191122_140608.jpg This is max Pro m1

Appreciation for game genie

Nice , for game genie with live streaming opition ,in asus 6z , i cant see that opition in any other mobile till now i used more than 34 mobiles , expect iphone ,OnePlus brands thank you But after streaming with other than YouTube opition (twitch)Th...

Android 10 myths and reality

As Asus has pushed android 10 on almost all devices there are lot of reports about system lag,call problems battery issues etc.Here is fully unbiased review about Android 10 after few days of use1. System lag - i haven't faced this issue that much. O...



武洋 by Star I
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