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Downgrade file request

Star III
Currently there is .194 downgradable file available in the web site , but .194 has pink tint bug in pro mode , android 10 has been really bad experience , laggs and bad camera ,
Kindly give us with any downgradable version file under .189
Any version is enough .116 or .133 or .156 or .174 or .189 , kindly give us any version's downgrade file... Cuz pro mode is unusable and .189 had better cameras than .194 did...
Expecting a favorable reply

Community Legend I
I already answered you directly when you asked this question the first time.

@Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS can you help me downgrade from Android 10 to pie version 189 as anyways you will not accept the issues with the camera on android 10 atleast very well help us downgrade to pie version 189.

How to downgrade from Android 10 to pie version 189
As I said, I've forwarded the request.

Star III
Thanks for the quick reply i appreciate it , but its been 24hours already for my earlier post and haven't got a reply yet , wud u mind checking it out

Community Legend I
You're welcome. 😉
As far as I'm aware after my conversations yesterday internally, we have no plans to offer any other builds as a downgrade. But we are aware that you would like that option specifically for photography.