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Zenfone 6 Color Temperature

Star I
Does anyone know how to make the color white display real white without the yellow tint. i already set color temperature to the coolest setting but still feel inadequate. My old Zenfone 3 can do better job even. Is this intenional by design?

Zen Master I
Mine is as white as it should without tampering. Make sure night mode filters are disabled. If that's the case, I've heard some phones' screen glue has a yellow tint that fades away after some time. I don't know if this can be a problem in Zenfone 6 though. Could you take a photo with another phone to compare?

Hall of Fame III
ZenFone 6 is generally a little towards a warmer temp as standard. If you don't see any change when changing color balance in splendid, then you have either night light activated or that splendid has an issue.
For splendid, go to apps & notifications -> see all xxx apps -> 3 dot menu in top right corner -> show system -> scroll down to splendid -> storage & cache -> clear storage
If this doesn't help, then I'm afraid you need to reset your device