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Fast charging issue with ZenFone 6

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Hey All,
From the past week my 6z isn't supporting fast charge.
I tried other fast chargers from Huawei & samsung and still no fast charging. since samsung allows "Smart charging, at least my Phone could be charged while as when using Asus original (charger and cable) pair and Huawei's pair, no charging at all!!
It charges for a few seconds and gives an alert of charging off and keeps on making that noise (ding.... ding .... ding...)
It is fast charging that my fone isn't supporting and shows 6-7 hours to full charge but charges up in 4-5 hours.
Please please suggest a way out or anything that could help.

PS : Schedule charging was off, no battery monitoring of any kind is active.

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I've gathered a lot of logs regarding different charging issues on both ZenFone 6 and ROG Phone 2. So far they have all looked like hardware issue but we can't know for sure before we can take a look at some of these devices (which hasn't been possible because of covid19)

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Thanks for the acknowledgement. 👍. Things like this make people believe in the brand.

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I can confirm this issue exists. I'm using the in box chargwr

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Yes me too. I got my zenfone 6 just 2 months ago. Experienced this kind of problem last week.
Whenever I used the included Asus Charger and Cable, the phone started charging for several seconds then stopped. Then automatically started charging again, the stopped. My phone vibrates all the time because of this "connected disconnected" loop problem.
At first I thought it was just cable problem. But I tested myself using this method,
- tried charging using another fast charging port (my Aukey Charger has 2 ports : QC3.0 and not fast charging port) using the Asus Cable -> have the same issue as above
- tried charging using not fast-charging port (the same Aukey Charger) using the same Asus Cable -> my phone is charged, never disconnected.. but so slow, no +/++ icon at all

Hopefully you guys at Asus can solve this problem.

Thank you.

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I'm guessing you have a defective device. Try to charge it in the best way you can until the lockdown has ended so you can visit our service center