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Fast Charge not working

Star I
Fast charging is not working. It takes about 7 hours to charge. Phone also hangs and reboots automatically. Didn't expect this from Asus. You wasted my 3 months salary on this garbage phone. I want a refund


Rising Star II
Sometimes it happens to me wait a little and you see it will not last 6h
Or try to replug and wait too

Star I
I've had to buy a completely new phone because of this problem, was happening for a month straight since the new Android 10 update. It absolutely ruined the phone, slowed it down, turned sluggish, got rid of features but worst of all barely charged! Plugging it in (offical plug/wire or aftermarket) you'd be lucky if it stayed charging for more than 5 seconds and when it did, it would still take 7 hours.. What happened to this great phone, and why the complete inaction from Asus? I'm so disappointed, this was my first Asus product & will now be my last.
I don't even know what to do with mine, it's unuseable but I can't sell it in that state, so I'm £400 down for lack of manufacturer competence *sigh*

Community Legend I
Make sure that you have battery care disabled.
You can find this setting in system settings -> battery -> PowerMaster -> battery care
Make sure it says "off"
If you've already done this, and tested with a second cable and power source, then I'd like to log your phone to see whats's going on. We've seen quite a few reports of slow charging but to my knowledge no one has submitted a log.
If you're willing to help, quote me in your post and I'll send you a PM with the log tool and instructions.

Star III
It has started to occur in my phone too. I took a second cable but still show 5 hours until fully charged .