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Call log

Call log number should display under listIf one has two number then dialled list show number

Twin apps whatsapp

Not able to import or read contacts in twin app,this problem wasn't there in in.119Any solution to this issue

prashanth by Rising Star II
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Little wrong spelling in hebrew in gallery app

When i push setting the 3 dots on the up left at the gallery you wrote in Hebrew "college" קןלאז' it is a mistake it use to be קולאז' the second letter from the right its little shorter its look almost the same but its a different letter in hebrew a...


Earphones fit into the 3.5mm jack bit loosely

Hi there! I can't plug completely my earphones (ASUS and JBL earphones) into the earphone jack (no click sound). The 3.5mm earphones jacks are recognized by the phone, but they come off without much effort. Is this normal? Thank you!

No sound in headphones after last update

System: .121 Android 10 with January 2020 security patchPhone does recognize the headphones, shows the icon, but there is no sound in them. Speakers are working just fine.Restarting the phone does not work. Unplugging headphones and plugging in does ...

Geo113 by Star II
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Video playback lagging

I have bought new z6 a Week ago..the device is facing video playback lagging badly ...Im not satisfied with that type of unusual activity .Video lagging is also there in MX player too...help please ...uf there is any bug fixes then plz do it

OP by Star I
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[Feature request] Wider panorama photo

Since the flip camera is flipping on short side of the phone, it is extending the long side of a 16:9 (9MP) photo to even longer. However, it is usually not enough to capture the whole scenery on short side. Is it probable to add a 4:3 (12MP) ratio c...

shouldn't lockdown feature be an automated one?

Asus team should consider lockdown feature to a automatic one as an option because it would simply increase privacy .. i am not saying that lockdown should be automatic after 5 min aur 10 minutes but for a longer duration like the duration of a sleep...

Zenfone 6 Buzzing when Screen is On & Headphone Jack Output Hissing

Hi all. I got my ZenFone 6 (ZS630KL) 128GB phone about a month ago, but hadn't really explored it too much as I still use my older phone as well. I have recently noticed several issues/concerns with it. Even after a factory reset (phone had most rece...

Star117 by Star I
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