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Asus 6z Indian model having restart Issue

I am facing following issues after using phone for 3 months:Auto restart while using camera for capturing multiple imagesCan not handle multiple apps simultaneously and suddenly restartsLog time of 48 MP camera is too much compared to other devices ...

Thank you ASUS

Just freaking right now i flipped my camera up to take a selfie, I accidentally dropped the phone. The camera part directly hit a stone. Here comes the magic i was shocked, thrilled, felt so much happy for the built quality. I literally saw a sparkl...

Alarm bug?

Hello, I noticed that sometimes when alarm is turning on, when I touch the screen, it goes off without snooze. I think it's a very bad behavior. Turning it off should be more difficult.

Android 10 Gestures and third party launchers

Google added support for third part launchers to work together with the new gesture navigation in the December update.This support doesn't seem to have made it into the latest Zenfone 6 firmware?Action launcher is confirmed to have implemented suppor...

Casper by Star III
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Matte and poor quality video recording.

Did you notice that after some updates the video recording got less quality? Especially in low light and at night, it's stuck. I would like to return everything from scratch without any update and leave on android 9, someone help me?

Resolved! Seamless camera switch

Just a question, Does the seamless camera switch between main lense and the wide angle lense possible on the asus zenfone 6 kinda like ip11 If so i think it would be an amazing feature that could be added in an update

4G+ ?

hi all - new to the forum but had my zenfone 6 since October of 2019. I'm on t-mobile and sometimes get a 4G+ symbol when on mobile data. i think this means lte advanced but I'm not sure and i read that this means signals from the surrounding cell to...

dt808 by Rising Star I
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Tap a notification and the phone locks itself.

WW-17.1810.1911.110Lawnchair launcherHappens once every few days. I'll get a notification, tap it, then my screen will go black and I'll be on the lock screen. Happens most often with Google Messages. Anyone having this problem?

Supra by Rising Star I
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No Call Log Details

When i try to see call duration or times for multiple calls, i hit the "i" and it says either "No installed activity available to handle selected activity" or it brings up the Contact's information. How do I actually see call log info?