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Resolved! Asking for a release date of zenfone6z in Vietnam

Hi, I'm a fan, and I'm desperately waiting for zenfone6z to be released in my country. It's been more than six months of waiting and I just dying to know if it'll ever be released in Vietnam because after all that time I dont think you guys are gonna...

Asus 6z wifi getting turned on automatically

Basically the title. Wifi is turned on automatically. I every 2-3 hour I check my phone ..bam... wifi is on. I turn it off and bam the cycle repeats. Why is this happening any idea?

Force SMARTDARK deactivates itself after reboot

Hello, in option for developers when I activate "force smartdark" it deactivates itself after a reboot of the phone, I would like it to remain active all the time how should I do? thanks

heyoka by Rising Star II
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Wifi calling feature not supported in 6Z

Dear Asus, shame on you today i got confirmation from your technical team that wifi calling feature will not be available for 6Z in any future updates because, it's hardware not supported that feature. Pethtic company shame on you i want my mony back...


Google search won't work. After ask something all white. Nothing comes. How to fix?

Signal indicator disappearing

Is anyone else getting this issue on the Zenfone 6 in which the signal indicator is disappearing?

Jeb by Rising Star II
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Spotify running super slow

One of the first things i noticed when getting this phone was that spotify runs super slow. I wanted to test the cool audio wizard thingy so i went on spotify. It took more than 10 seconds to load the front page, and the screen was not responding to ...

Timer not resetting bug/issue

Hello,I have noticed an issue with the clock app. When you set a timer, and the timer is up, a screen comes up stating that the timer is up and you have an option to click ok. If you click ok, the timer does not reset in the clock application. It ju...