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Calls not received. Texts delayed.

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Hello. Just upgraded to the ZenFone 6 (Edition 30) over the new year and notice that many calls from family and friends are going straight to voicemail. I tested this with a friend in the room, and out of 5 attempts, only 3 made the phone ring. Many important calls for business do not ring at all. I am using Ultra Mobile (T-Mobile MVNO) and have done the usual run-around (reset phone, empty cache, check all settings for fowarding, DND, and such). Even on a fresh install, it is experiencing the same phenomenon. I tried a different phone and it seemed to consistently work...I'll keep testing.
I wanted to see if anyone else had issues with not getting calls or texts (irrespective of carrier) or if it could be just carrier issues for me. I have great coverage in my area, thus it is not like I am roaming or disconnected. Thank you for the help.
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I'm experiencing and have been experiencing the same thing since about November as well. It's happening so often it's debilitating to my business. If I could get a refund for the phone at this point I would. Purchased in Oct of 2019.
At least half of my calls go to vmail and I'm missing about 15%-20% of texts that I'm aware of... Who knows how many I'm really missing.
It wouldn't be logical for me to log this as it's so tedious to replicate this issue... I tried logging but I have no ways of testing when I'm using my phone as this only happens randomly when my phone is not being used.
One MAJOR issue I had was the battery "optimization" features making some of my apps non functional until I completely disabled it. If I was to guess these issues probably have something to do with the phone trying to save battery, but in doing so is making network connections all funky.

Zen Master I

Since the 137 OTA installed against my will I am basically getting no calls or texts or voicemails (via the normal means). I am having to use the T-Mobile digits app to see all my messages and now get VMs and calls. At least I can make it work but am just today seeing things missed for more than 2 days. Reboot did not help.

31 post group text never came through yesterday about work and the virus.....

Voicemail from my bank missed.....

Voicemail from work missed.....

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Hundreds of texts coming in right this second. Hopefully it was just t-mobile. Not sure why that would have happened right after the update but who knows. (My wife has a Zenfone 5 on TMobile and was having no issue).

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I've never had a phone do this on any carrier. I've contacted TMobile about all the things they can push to my phone to fix this. This is worse now (.137) than before. If vowifi were finally an option then this would likely clear up. Now moving to a work from home option I guess I should pick up a burner phone to get in contact or just a new one altogether.

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Late to the discussion since I don't receive calls very often. One thing I discovered is that if I call some other number (in my case I called T-Mo's VM), my phone is able to receive call again.

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Hi all. The sum total of all of these logs (thank you very much to those who provided them) is that we recommend contacting your mobile service provider directly. All of your devices were performing as expected. Please let them know what is going on, and that your phone's were logged with no trouble found. They might be able to provide a network side workaround.

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What exactly should I be telling my carrier at this point it looks like someone else did on page 3 and T mobile doesnt seem to care so at this point are we screwed do we stop using the product. I appreciate your efforts but that solution is not sufficient. Can you open a forum with T-Mobile as a customer Representative for us maybe some type of cross post.

Also there seem to be some successes on enabing volte using another mbn from a xiaomi 9t on both the rog phone 2 and the zenfone 6 via the xda community. Please check the rog forum xda I cannot link here: but it is in this location below:
 [Guide] Enabling VoLTE/VoWiFi v2 by HomerSp
xda-developers > ASUS ROG Phone II > ASUS ROG Phone II Guides, News, & Discussion > [Guide] Enabling VoLTE/VoWiFi v2 by HomerSp

I just tried on my phone and it seems to have worked. I made a few calls out to confirm it is working that means the phone has the capability can we have the techs try this on a phone and see if it can somehow be turned into a fix for future builds.