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Zenfone 10 Fonts

Star I

New to the Zenfone family. Loving the phone but it's not without its problems asany users have pointed out. Some problems I've noticed but haven't seen mentioned here are the fonts. I've only noticed it with two different ones and not really here to do extensive testing.

The fonts in question here are the third and fifth fonts when counting from the left. With the third font, I started noticing any words received in texts that have apostrophes in them would space the word out from the apostrophe. See picture for example.

The other font in question is the fifth font from the left or third from the right. This one is not as concerning and may not even be a bug. I noticed this one first as I liked the font and was using. I actually thought it was a feature of the font (which it may very well be) but after noticing the issue with the other font I began to question it. Easiest way to see this issue is selecting the font and going into Google maps. All letters with a closed loop or circular space are filled. A, o, d, p, etc. Again, may be a design of the font and not a bug but thought I would bring it up. The other font is an issue though and very annoying. Could only attach one photo so hope it helps.



Hey @cgZ10,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  I have forwarded the issue to the R&D team.