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Unlock bootloader from Android 10

It appears that the bootloader unlock tool does not work once upgraded to android 10. It gives the message "This device model is not supported". Is there any other way to unlock the bootloader?

How to downgrade to Android P

Can someone please tell me how to downgrade to the latest stable android P, as I am having lot of issues after Android 10 upgrade. Please provide the build version as well. Thanks in advance!

Ishan by Star III
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Proximity sensor not working

After updating my phone to Android 10 the proximity sensor isn't working. I even tested in smmi test but nothing happened .it worked fine in pie.

bulurox by Star III
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broken servicetracker hal

this keeps looping in the log on the official android 10 release11-05 23:36:26.153  589  589 I hwservicemanager: getTransport: Cannot find entry vendor.qti.hardware.servicetracker@1.0::IServicetracker/default in either framework or device manifest.th...

mosimchah by Rising Star I
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Resolved! Where is the alarm "Silence after" option?

It seems the clock app shipped with Zenfone 6 does not include the "Silence after" option that pretty much every other Android phone does and hence, when a clock alarm is set, unless the user manually stops the alarm, the alarm will continue indefini...


No improvement in camera is any improvement there

Audio assistant doesn't work

The audio assistant does not work. Changing the configuration (for example, rock or normal) does not change the sound. I use the asus headphones.Zenfone 6

Android 10 update bugs

Loving the new android update on my 6z.. But I'm unable to access the display settings now, clicking on it crashes the entire settings page. Everything else seems to be fine.. Anyone else facing this issue or is it just me?

Resolved! Phone (Zenfone 6 ZS630KL) keeps booting into csc fastboot mode

Hello. Today, my wife's phone stopped responding to anything out of blue. I did a forced reboot (Vol down + power) and it rebooted and worked fine for a bit. Seeing as Android 10 was out, I dled fota file and flashed it via recovery from SD card, lik...

Yavych by Star II
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