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Camera flip problem

Camera is not flipping up it shows "unable to flip camera" and when i try to calibrate camera it shows " camera can't flip" But there is nothing obstructing it. Do i have a solution


death in the zenfone family

so ive had my great phone since september this year an today my zenfone 6 died not sure who to call or contact since last time i had an issue i was told take it to china even though U.S phone from my understanding.... it had 3% battery power on it ...

mastershu by Rising Star I
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When i press home button it responds too slow. I can't toggle apps quickly as seen in OnePlus 7.

Rustylord by Rising Star II
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AI boost and app crashes

Hi, I have seen that the AI boost seems to crash apps, which cause heavy loads such as some games, benchmark apps and on even chrome. Is this normal or am I the only one observing this?

joonabs by Star I
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asus 6z

**** off asus...i believed in your product and got the asus 6z. i had a restart issue i made a replacement to it so that i got a new 6z.again the issue is continuing and i feel very bad for my decision for choosing asus 6z now the new mobile which i ...

Asus (Play Store)

Easy mode too. To avoid much more battery drain.

Rustylord by Rising Star II
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Asus (Play Store)

Can we have apps like zenflash s camera and other apps for Zenfone 6

Rustylord by Rising Star II
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Weird temperature sensor readings

Hi. This time around my phone started to identify itself as a volcano according to temperature readings. Okay, jokes aside. It seems in cold environments temp sensor readings are going out of scale from 15°C to around 130°C. It doesn't seem to be HWM...