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My Asus 6z earphone has broken.where can I buy this product. Please help me

Zenfone 6 Front Camera Processing | HDR Processing on faces

So, what's with the front camera quality in night shots. It tends to overexpose faces and desaturate colors after the processing is done. It happens when HDR is on or is set to auto. I mean, the picture that the viewfinder shows looks so much better ...

BV117B8R8E4H.jpeg 2P9SU1T4F0PE.jpeg

Zenfone 6 FastCharge Problems

Hi. I've had my Zenfone 6 for about 4 months and have been having more and more problems with charging. I have always used the original Asus charger and cable that came with the phone. Initially when I plugged it in it would always come up with "fast...

Swiping through apps glitch *with video proof* - Post .110

Hi, all!I recently came across a glitch when I was listening to music while doing some calculations with the Asus calculator. When using the navigation bar in the video, swiping through apps often results with a few glitches. As you can tell, in my m...

"Camera Cannot Flip" Issue After Calibration

Greetings fellows!I noticed my flip camera was not coming up all the way, maybe 80-90% of vertical. I thought, no big deal, I'll just do a calibration. So I did, and I did it per the on screen directions. Unfortunately, it made the problem much wo...

Basic UI faults after yesterday FOTA (ASUS 6Z).

After yesterday's FOTA update (around 224 MB) some basic features have gone rogue.......Gesture control Faulty - When we swipe from right bottom for back function 90% of the times the ". & m" gets pressed accidentally while using whatsapp, hence leav...

Resolved! Charge up to 81% maximum.. Bug or Feature?

After updating to 110 I realized that charging goes only up to 81% maximum. That happens with "Battery optimization" only. When this option set to "Off" then charging possible to 100%. Is it a new feature or bug? Original AC adapter(s) and cable(s) ...

UI shutter a lot

Performance is degraded in terms of processing and i am experiencing shutter while exploring even in the settings menu a lot after the previous update.Does any one facing the same problem..?