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Phone Restarts randomly: After Latest Update (WW_17.1810.2001.119)

Hi,This is an Indian device.After Android 10 update, my phone randomly restarts. I say randomly because I can see no particular pattern in the restarts; for instance as far as I can recall, the phone has restarted while I'm using Chrome, Dialer, Gall...

Pa1 by Star II
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Game genie:really working?

When i open any game using game genie it simply comes system optimized. Unlike the animation of RAM boosting and saying how much RAM it freed is it really working?.pls answer@Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS

Monark by Zen Master I
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Asus 6z battery charging issue.

Since i updated my phone with latest fota update there is big issue in my phone. Whenever i put my phone on charging it only show 'charging' not "fast charging" and so the speed of charging is very slow. It takes about 7 hours for full charge. Its be...

更新後系統android 10後 不能快充

本來一直也正常快充 手癢更新了 手機容易變熱 其次快充也沒效 測試過幾個插頭 跟線 確定不是線的問題 有什麼方法安裝回本來的android 版本嗎

yycm426 by Star I
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Only 24mb left for system firmware??

It shows on tb that on system firmware drive that only 24mb left. Won't this little memory size cause any problems in future updates that need more space?

Seamless transition from main camera lens to ultra wide lens

Hi,I just wanted to ask if you guys could implement a more smooth and seamless transition between the main lens and ultra wide lens like the iPhones with the stock camera? That would great and I know many other people would like this. Best regards - ...

Post .119 update bug *with video proof*

Hi,I recently came across a glitch when I was listening to music while doing some calculations with the Asus calculator. I found that when using the navigation bar as seen in the video I posted below, swiping through apps often results with a few gli...

camera zoom soo bad

can you make the camera zoom smooth? when i record video with default camera app, the zoom is really really bad, and stuttering, please fix this soon also make change between main lens and ultra wide lens seamless without delay.

Mayendra by Rising Star II
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Tint lock screen option: Missing

I have reported this bug since beta was launched. 'Tint lock screen' option was available during early stage of beta but it didn't work even if you enable it. Now this option is missing, if I go to settings and search for tint, this option will show ...