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Calls not received. Texts delayed.

Hello. Just upgraded to the ZenFone 6 (Edition 30) over the new year and notice that many calls from family and friends are going straight to voicemail. I tested this with a friend in the room, and out of 5 attempts, only 3 made the phone ring. Ma...

Data enable

How do you enable data on zenfone 6

Need help

Can't able to update my phone from Android 9 to latest after receiving it today from service center .

Asus Music

Among the programs for Asus was a convenient and very good Asus Music. Bring her back please. Or suggest an alternative.Regards, Oleg.

vahnik by Rising Star I
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Fingerprint Unlock Notification

After I downloaded the latest system update whenever i use app lock and open the lock with fingerprint then the asus launcher for unlocking remains in the notification bar for about 10 seconds.

[Asus 6z] Not able to connect to data while on call

Hello there, I have a Sim card in both slots. I use Sim 1 for both data and calling. However, when i am using data and receive/make a call, the 4G vanishes and a while later, the data turns off by itself. Is there any way to be in call with my 4G dat...

Developers option | Over ride force dark

The over ride force dark option in developers mode doesn't work, And accent color feature as well I don't know what it is but implement this features that minor touch matters dude cmon everyone wants but no one says it coz they know what reply they l...