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Mobile data quick access shortcut.

Tapping and holding the mobile data toggle on the notification shade opens 'Mobile Data Usage' page instead of 'Mobile Network' page. If this is a bug or a modified feature in this update, it would be really nice to access the Mobile Network page thr...

Fast charging stopped

After .153 update fast charging literally stopped I don't know why, I did all what I suppose to do, "all" means all, but nothing improvement this will fix after a proper update only or else revert the updated, and I found some stupid explanations and...

Broken camera glass replacement?

Hello asus team I need your assistance as I accidently broked my asus 6z camera glass. I want to replace it. Please mail me @ khusohv9@gmail.com for solutions or any recommended online store sites

Sekho by Star I
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Manual focusing needed during slomo video capture.

Slomo video is really good in outdoors. But I recently faced an issue. I was trying to capture a cinematic entry of my friend where i pan from a wall to his face while he walks from the other side of the wall. When the camera is near the wall it focu...

Portrait mode suggestions

Hi,I don't know to what extent it is possible but I had a suggestion. In portrait mode we have an ootiy to increase or decrease the background blur. I am sure the software does some masking to get the effect. Sometimes the edges are not perfect. Is ...

sankesh by Star III
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Accidently broked asus 6z camera glass

Helloo asus team i need ur asiistance plz i accidently broked my asus 6z rear camera glass plzz can anyone help our nearby centers are not.opened if any online site is selling camera glass then do please tell me Regards Rahul sapra90342452425

Auto Brightness

After latest update the auto Brightness has become terrible.

Ramiz by Star I
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Asus 6z frequently shutting down

It's been a while my phone is shutting down frequently even after I took it to a service centre. They said the issue has been resolved but it is the same even after I got it back. It suddenly shuts down while playing a game or using any app or even w...