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Earphone output

Earphone output quality has changed.. Can't feel 3d songs on youtube... Please check in your phone.. Can you feel it?

Should i reset my ZF6?

my zenfone is working perfectly fine once my phone had motherboard issue(reboot-dead) this fixed happened long ago after lot of effort ^_^.i am just thinking to reset my phone and dont have any particular reasonshould i do it?????any opinion? kindly ...

Review unit for video for my channel my channel name is technical Pu

Hello sir I have a youtube channel named technical pu -  and I love your company and I want your asus 6z as a review unit and my subscribers is 107 and views is 100 views per video or above . Above because there is one video this video has 700 view a...

Headphone jack issue

The headphone jack of my zenFone 6 /6z stopped working Today. No audio is coming from the earphones when something is played. The one click pause function(of the earphone) is still working but there is no audio. The earphones are fine, I checked them...

Themes & accent color

Did anyone try below. This is from Nokia forum. https://community.phones.nokia.com/discussion/54852/android-10-customization-with-pixel-themes-app

Camera issue

I'm not a frequent camera user,After long time I used me camera, but results are hopeless.Last time I used it was perfect but not it completely changes colours of imagesMakes face alot more pale then usual and more white.I hope this will get fixed so...

Android 10 theming

Hello,Accent color doesn't change using developer options. Thanks though for the update.

NFC technical details please

I want detailed technical specifications of NFC Chip of Asus 6Z and what types of NFC/RFID tags it supports. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Minor bug (video)

Hi, from the first day with this phone i dedicated the single click of the smart key to turn on-off the screen rotation. Lately, probably after the latest update, i noticed a delay of the bottom banner that shows the auto rotate on - off function whe...