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Fast charging is not working

When I plug in my asus zenfone 6 it's not supporting fast charging it supports fast charging 1 out of 10 times even after switching off the phone and charging it is only working as a normal charging which take 5-6 hours. How should I solve this probl...

DSU Support on Android 11

Hi,pure Android 11 is going to natively support DSU via developer settings, that feature allows devs to temporarily flash GSI onto phone and use future stock Android builds for app development testing. Will it be enabled on stock ZenUI builds?

Earphones bug

I am facing a issue with my device where no matter what kind of earphones I plug in. There will be no sound from the earphones. I can hear the sounds and music in the start but then it'll immediately stop if I change anything in the audio wizard or i...

Can't receive phone calls when Mobile Data is on

Since a couple of weeks, all my phone calls go straight to voice mail without any notification. After a lot troubleshooting I figured out, when I change my data connectivity to 2G/3G and turn of the mobile data, that the phone receives calls without ...

kostex by Star I
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Asus zenfone 6 display damage

My smartphone Asus zenfone 6z has got a little yellow mark on the top of the display from yesterday onwards. The touch of the phone has no problem. Is this problem comes under warranty??

Phone suddenly switches off, reboots frequently

My Asus 6Z very often switches off suddenly while browsing etc. And then it takes quite a while to switch on. Even after pressing the power button for sometime and releasing it, most often than not, it does not come on. And when it does (sometimes wh...

FM Radio app

So.. is there any cool radio app that uses FM or a way to put the original app to the app drawer?I don't like to catch the original app from the quick settings... Thank you so much

No mobile data during calls

I just found out that there is no mobile data connection while I call someone. So I can't use WhatsApp or Google Maps during a phone call.Is that a ZenPhone specific setting? Where can I change it.I have two simcards, one (SIM2) for mobile data only,...