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soft brick or HW failure

So I was doing my normal morning routines sitting at table and checking weather quickly then suddenly it just stopped showing a screen. This set of events is exactly how my 5z died... the 6 I could at least hard-rebootSo I went to desperately try to ...

Dust under camera glass

After having my camera module replaced about a month ago I noticed there was some dust under the camera glass. Right now it doesn't cause any problems in pictures or video but I'm afraid it will later on. Anyone got any suggestions about how I should...

How to claim Accessories warranty

Hi I bought my device on Jan 15th In my headphones left ear peace is not working and recently my charger usb cable stopped fast charging. I need replacement is any one know how to please help me.

Ghost camera

I don't know if it was already here ... when you turn on the camera, a preview of the last focused thing will appear .. regardless of whether it was photographed ... I don't use any external application

Immense battery drain!

Hi, the last couple af days its really a downhill for my device, other than the fact that my camera doesnt flip at all, and i am planning to visit asus sevice center the next days...battery started to drain like crazy too. And i am using the device w...

Resolved! App lock fingerprint issue!!

I have a applock figerprint issue that when I keep applock fingerprint it automatically my mobile re-starting

Earphone output

Earphone output quality has changed.. Can't feel 3d songs on youtube... Please check in your phone.. Can you feel it?