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Asus 6Z came with 0% battery charge ! ! !

Rising Star I
Just bought a brand new Asus 6Z phone and I received it today. After unboxing it, I was quite excited to turn it on but to my surprise the battery was completely drained out. It had 0% charge left. It seemed quite suspicious to me. I had to charge it first in order to turn it on. Is this normal? Do phones sometimes come like this? It is the first that I have encountered something like this. It has never happened with me before whenever I have got a new phone.

PS: Apparently the phone box didn't have seal either which raised the suspicion even more but then I saw a couple of unboxing videos on youtube and found out that Asus 6Z doesn't really come with a seal on the box.

Rising Star I
ColorSage said:
Mine had a transparent sticker on both sides of the box. Maybe your seller was checking whether everything works to avoid returns and forgot to turn off. Dunno. 
Don't know what was the deal but when I turned the phone on after charging, it did start like a new phone where you have to setup certain things. But there was one weird thing. After the phone was completely setup, I went to call history and saw that emergency no. 112 was already dialed in it that too thrice. This confirms that the phone was indeed checked for something before dispatching.

Zen Master I
Calling 112 surely is a great way to test a smartphone!