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Zenfone 10 unlock bootloader does not work!

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I received my Zenfone 10 today and tried to unlock the bootloader with the Asus unlock app The app failed with error code 24803. Is there a newer/working version of the app or are there other ways to unlock the bootloader?

I'am really disappointed that this does not work because the ability to unlock the bootloader and root the device was the main reason I bought the Asus instead of other high-end smartphones like the Samsung S23 or the Xiaomi 13.


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@asus give me unlock app... please allow this poor Korean using clean phone call with voLTE!! 

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3rd Quarter is almost over and no news on the bootloader yet.

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I'm wondering whether the whole boot loader unlock thing is actually a google conspiracy/licence tie for the vendors so many of them seem to be stopping boot loader unlock. I ordered a zenfone because unlock was still possible, when I got it, it wasn't. Now I have a paperweight or a google tracker!

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October is here. Where is the unlock tool? Won't be looking forward to Zenphones from now on.

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We appreciate your contact and understand your desire to boot loader your device, however we inform you that the official Asus tool for unlocking the Bootloader for this and other devices has been discontinued. No longer available on the model page, therefore, we are unable to send you this resource or provide other guidance/processes.