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Zenfone 10 unlock bootloader does not work!

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I received my Zenfone 10 today and tried to unlock the bootloader with the Asus unlock app The app failed with error code 24803. Is there a newer/working version of the app or are there other ways to unlock the bootloader?

I'am really disappointed that this does not work because the ability to unlock the bootloader and root the device was the main reason I bought the Asus instead of other high-end smartphones like the Samsung S23 or the Xiaomi 13.


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It's been two weeks since I also bought a Rog phone 7 ultimate.
Q3... When will it be released?
Still using the old Rog phone 2.. 😞

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waiting for unlock bootloader as well 😕

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yes without root i cant even start using this just sits here  waiting to be rooted. cant even transfer my apps from old phone. its really disappointing. @asus please wake up and understand may people will never use your phone until you fix the bootloader unlock app!!

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I just received the zenfone 10. First asus product for me. And for me the phone is unusable without the unlock bootloader... I take this phone for Android Stock rom and can't even unlock the bootloader... @asus  does the job!