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How to Maximum brightness? Durable battery? AOD Issue

Star I


i got my first Zenfone (10) yesterday and i am enjoying it!

I have 2 questions and 1 issue.

Q1: The display is unfortunately a bit dark. How can i achieve maximum brightness? I read somewhere that the display will get brighter when auto brightness is turned ON instead of manually adjusting to maximum brightness. Is this correct?

Q2: I am not a  poweruser and i am curious what the "durable battery" mode really does in the background. Does it only turn the refresh rate to 60hz and turn off 5G or does it ACTUALLY reduce/throttle the processor?  I don't need maximum processor power, i would gladly reduce power to maximise battery life (Although battery life is already very good so far!)

Issue: The Always-On Display is often way too dark. I think this is bad programming, i just wanted to note that .

I have a list of improvements i would like to see on the Zenfone because it is a very good device, only a few things missing to make it truly great. I will post another thread for R&D if ASUS is interested.


All in all i am enjoying my Zenfone! Thanks ASUS !

cheers! 🙂


Rising Star II

Q1:  yes

Rising Star II

Unfortunately the display brightness on this phone is no the best, even if you put it on Auto Brightness you will experience dark display at outdoor on sunny days. 

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