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Zenfone 10 interferes with the Wi-Fi signal?

Star I

In the middle of August, I got myself the ASUS Zenfone 10. It's the red EU model (AI2302). On the day I got it, my Wi-Fi started to act strange: The signal would drop, and most of the time the phone would disconnect from the network or say that it has no Internet connection. The same thing was happening on every other device, so, after restarting the router a few time, I blamed it on my ISP having a bad day (not a rare thing in Germany).


Star II

I'm not usually a "me too" poster, but I have had the same strange issue: wi-fi saying no internet connection several times each day since I got the Zenfone 10 and have it connected via wi-fi. I had been blaming the ISP, too, then noticed the Z10 lost access more often than other devices and sometimes was the only one affected.

Can a device disrupt the wi-fi signal of a local network?