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About getting ZenFone 10

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Hi Guys, please provide your opinion if it's worth getting a ZenFone 10 in 2024. I always wanted a compact phone, ZF10 was around 749£/€ during the launch, now it's reduced. I know the trend these days are the AI and stuff. Stumbled little bit on the pixel 8 but I am afraid of the tensor chipset as I am currently using S21FE an exynos variant, it's not about the performance but the signal reception is awful. I also see pixel forums with lot of modem complaints.

I know there will not be much OS update but I see asus provides 4 years security updates atleast, which is okay but is the camera any good. Please also provide opinion on the camera. Sorry if this is a repeated question.


Star I

Yes, its worth getting, only have mine a, week and love it, brilliant signal all the time, my house always lost signal on my xiaomi, this is a brilliant phone, T-Dimension have it at a great price to