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Why is there not a 4K60 options for the wide angle camera?

Rising Star I

There was a 4K60 option for the Zenfone 9, why not this phone?


Rising Star I

Yea, thanks for posting. I thought there was this option for zenfone 9. Would be nice to have this setting back. 

Star III

ASUS has downgrade 2 camera sensor on Zenfone 10, comparing with Zenfone 9:
- Selfie Cam from Sony IMX663 to OV32C (smaller sensor size, doesn't support AF & 4K Video)
- Ultrawide Cam from Sony IMX363 to OV13B (smaller sensor & pixel size, doesn't support AF, Macro & 4K 60fps)

Above review says the sensor support pdaf(phase detection auto focus) but it is not enable asus implementation. Not sure about the resolution but would have to look at the spec sheet for that. 

Rising Star I

Yup, the product page states it supports PDAF:

I think I mentioned it in my bugs and feedback thread or somewhere else but hopefully @Mansi_ASUS has already taken the request to enable Autofocus to the team.