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Accidently pressed Simcard Injector Tool into Mic on the Bottom

Star I

Hello  Asus Community,

i have literally the same Question which was described from this User here -->

-->it only Happend to me with the newest Phone of the Zenfone-Line - Asus Zenfone 10

I just bought the Zenfone 10 and i want to know if there is the possibility that i damaged the Mic at the Bottom of the Phone.

I already tested it and i would say it works fine but i m still curious if the Water Protection is still undamaged. I just bought it and i feel kinda bad because the Phone isn't that cheap in comparison to my prevoius Smartphones.

Hopefully there was no Design Changes so its still like in the old Phone. ->(Mic is safe from Dumb-Users like me)

I say Thanks and hope for good news 😉



Hey @Domizus,
Don't worry, the mic will function as normal.