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Should I move from Apple to the Zenfone 10?

Star I

Im considering upgrading from my iPhone XR to my first Android, the Zenfone 10.

I’m going to presume it a yes as I’m in an Android group but hoping for some honest feedback or suggestions.

To give some background, I’ve been enjoying the Apple ecosystem for a long time but I upgraded my MacBook Pro to a Zenbook Pro recently which kind of broke the mold. I went into the Apple shop to look at the iPhone 15 and it just felt exactly like my iPhone XR. I guess I’m looking for a new experience.

I really like the look and size of the Zenfone 10 and the fact that it has a headphone jack is a bonus. The one thing that might make it a deal breaker is the 2 years of support. I’ve had my current phone for 6 years. Is that a big problem? What happens after the 2 years that might cause issues? Do some apps stop being supported?

Thanks in advance for any replies. I’d even consider other Android phones but haven’t seen any that have really caught my eye.