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"Phone" audio channel is randomly very quiet (topic reopen)

Star III

Original topic 

I'm creating a new topic, because the original one got closed.

@Mansi_ASUS I received new information from Philips, that since the last firmware update they are unable to reproduce the issue, but on my side the issue still occurs, after the upgrade. I reinstalled the app, cleared the data, reset the phone - no improvement. I'm starting to worry that I have a faulty device, but at the same time the issue looks totally like a software issue, at least to my eyes. Also, it would be weird that, if I really have a faulty device, Philips was able to reproduce the issue before, but now it's not. In case of my device being faulty, they should never be able to reproduce the issue.

Given the above, could you @Mansi_ASUS provide some return information, if you have any? Was the recent firmware update, that mentions "Improved speakerphone call echo issues", aimed at fixing that issue and it failed, or there was no attempt yet?


Additionally, I think the time after which threads are closed here is too short. I don't think closing threads so quickly serves any purpose, but forces new thread creation if someone wants to follow up after not a very long break, especially given the time period between bug report and bug fix delivery, which naturally can take several months (no bad feeling here, it's normal and understandable).



Hey @Skwara,

I have sent you a PM. Please check.