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feedback suggestions

Star I

I have a few suggestions that would improve the experience greatly for me at least.

  • Palm rejection. The phone seems to have none and I constantly touch menus with the base of my thumb when reaching the top of the screen.
  • One handed mode is too short. I could avoid the above by using one handed mode, but it is too small to be usable. Allow us to resize this.
  • Cutout/display size. Again because the phone, while the smallest on the market, is still too large for some of us, allow us to reduce the screen to aore usable 16:9. Some phones allow you to do this is developer settings by blocking out the camera cutout.


Hey @kprom,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll forward it to the R&D department.

Star III

My palm frequently touches the side edge of the screen and causes issues when I’m in the middle of doing something. My only remedy is to use a case but much prefer going case-less. We don’t want to bring back bezels but still one annoying thing about the Zenfone I don’t like.