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Phone overheating with wireless charging

Star I

For the z10 issue I'm noticing is if I let it charge wirelessly overnight it's still very hot in the morning even if it hit 100% hours ago. Any way to get it to stop charging when it's at 100? Seems like there's still current running when there shouldn't be


Star III

It's just maintaining the 100% charge once it reaches it. Shouldn't be hot and especially not very hot.  Mine stops at 90% because I have it set for that level. Maybe try setting your charging setting to stop at 90% or 80% and see if that makes any difference. In battery settings.  FWIW, I don't wireless charge, I plug in, maybe try that and see if any difference.

Rising Star I

Mine gets really hot using wireless charging too, I just can't leave it on overnight (and I have mine set on 90% max charge). It was sort of a let down (wireless charging) but better than nothing.  If the phone is actually overheating and shutting down, I'd contact support.