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Are newer Zenfones better than Zenfone 8?

Star I

Hi all, I'm just curious if Zenfone 9 & 10 are better than 8 in terms of reliability? My current Zenfone 8 is by far the worst phone I've ever owned. Issues over time include: heavy battery drains, face unlock fails, alarm doesn't go off, gps doesn't work from first try (had to restart gmaps/waze 1-2 times before it started working). These issues were over time fixed I guess with updated but I had to live with them for 1-2 months before they were fixed. Current issues: animation speed goes to default even though I turned it off, occasionally flashlight not working from first try (3-4 retries necessary).


Zen Master I

Hi @natty7 

I bought the ZF9 in August last year and I am very happy with it. Many people who speak here are in trouble and it is not a place where you can receive a fair and objective opinion.

I will try to give you a good answer: ZF9 has had some bugs that have affected me and I have written here a lot and they have helped me and I have helped. Updates resolve most issues. And this has happened to me the same with other brands. Always.

Physical problems such as with the camera, GPS, flashlight, etc. I have never had. And if I had them, this is not the place to expose them, I would first contact the oficial ASUS technical service, that for something I have paid a guarantee.

For all this, ZF9 may be a better choice because it is already very updated and fixed. And cheaper right now. However, ZF10 may have software bugs that will need to be fixed over time.

I will always recommend ZF9 and will surely stick with the brand. I was one of the first to ask them to hide the gesture navigation bar and they have done so. A feature that did not originally come and that they have added. Thank you Asus.

From ZF10 I highlight the wireless charging, the new front camera and the new generation processor. Everything else is very similar and in my case I do not justify a purchase of ZF10 having the ZF9.

Excuse me for my lengthy response.

Agree with @tochmi. I had the ZF8 and was not able to perform Google pay. Was really turned off. But I really liked the smaller form factor and powerful processor.

Decided to gamble with ZF9 and really love it. Bugs were properly sorted out and I could leave the house with no keys and wallet, just mobile phone. Just wished it had wireless charging. 

With ZF10, the wireless charging made it complete. Haven't really played with the camera too much but hope it takes great photo and video. Reviews do not indicate positively. 

Rising Star II

Hi! I have used the zf8 for about a year and the zf9 for some 8 months. Both have had minor bugs. In both cases they have been resolved through updates. I would say they have been equally reliable, maybe with a small advantage for the zf9. But I have never used face unlock, and the zf9 fp reader is much faster and more consistent.