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Sorry Asus but I won't buy your phone even If I want to.

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Sorry but 2 major android updates it's just not enough. I want to make this post so Asus guys see how lazy they are. I guess i will stick with my Oneplus 7 pro for 5th year. 


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Whilst I agree that they should offer more OS-updates, they aren't nearly as exciting and important as they were 4-5 years ago. So it's not a deal breaker for me.


In the other hand Asus are now offering 4 years of security updates. 

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Whoever get the Zenfone 10 get the best part, the Zenfone 9 has one more Android update and one more year of security updates. I got the Zenfone 9 and I feel I was the Asus guinea pig.


Both have 2 major android updates tho? Or did the Z9 only get 1?

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Yes both have 2 Android  Software Updates but the Zenfone 10 will get 4 years of Security Updates and the Zenfone 9 just got 2 years of Security Updates.