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Adaptive brightness

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Zen-10.  16gig 512gb.    Build,  ww_33.0220.0220.52.  Android 13.  screen 90hz, eye protection on.

Adaptive brightness is turned on.

After being turned on (indoors), screen is dim, dim that i can barely see. need to manually increase brightness.   outdoors in the sun, it doesn't get bright, unless manually increased.

Rebooting the phone fixes the problem, until it starts to bug out again.

eye protection/bed time mode are not scheduled.

Odd thing, when phone is rebooted, it shows the same brightness (ie 65%) as before reboot, but screen is much brighter.   Had the phone for 5 days. started to bug out on day 2.



Hey @transteam,
The issue will be addressed in the next update.

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Exact same phone and build, but Eye protection mode is OFF and DC dimming is off. Adaptive brightness OFF and has always been.

I have been experiencing a similar issue for weeks:  in the morning, screen is not as bright as the day before even though the brightness setting hasn't changed. 100% brightness is not bright enough. Rebooting solves the issue.

I've been trying to address this with customer support but so far the proposed solution is to do a factory reset and if that fails, return the phone for repairs. I've pointed out that neither was really good as the downtime is very costly as this is my work phone.

However... trying to help them figure the issue out, I've noticed the following: the problem only occurs when charging overnight. Only in the morning after charging overnight do I have the issue and need to reboot the phone to get the brightness right again. If I charge during the day and leave the phone unplugged at night, no problem. I've tested this on many nights now and it's 100% the case.

Until yesterday I was always in Durable mode, I tried switching to Dynamic, and also disable the DC dimming (even though eye protection was already off),  and for the first time in weeks, charging overnight did not trigger the issue.

@transteammaybe see if you can do the same tests and reproduce the issue (or not).

I'm somehow glad to see I'm not the only one with this issue as it is driving me crazy and tech support seems to think I'm an isolated case.

@Mansi_ASUS I see that this is supposed to be handled in the next update. Two questions: 1) when is the next update and 2) can you elaborate on what the bug is? So that we can maybe avoid it by using different settings until the next update please.

Also, I'll happily test after the update.



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Any update on this issue?