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VoLTE Support on Canadian Carriers

Star I

I have the North American variant of the Zenfone 10, brand new, just arrived this week. 

Are there any plans or workarounds to enable VoLTE on the major Canadian carriers? My carrier has already whitelisted my device but it seems it is not able to complete IMS Registration. I presume it's because the device is lacking the configuration needed here.

Similar commentary here:


Rising Star II

Asus removed config since Zenfone 9 because carrier issue.

Half Canada's cell providers are like nope because you aren't Apple/Samsung/Google.

Asus couldn't do anything so they stopped selling phone since Zenfone 9. You can also noticed the regulatory also removed for Canada since Zenfone 9 onward

On the Zenfone 8 the config was there but carrier still block volte after a while.

Star I

Unfortunately for us, as you saw in my previous thread, ASUS altogether stopped supplying Canadian provider IMS profiles in their current firmware branches. I'm hoping that they backtrack and add the profile back with the upcoming android 14 update.