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Zinbook 14 nuisances

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I bought a "zenbook", it was supposed to be fanless -> ZEN you know, it's fraud, ridicules.

Anyway impressive that you managed to stuff a noisy elevator into such thin layer! You have outdone yourself. -> A+ today.

I ruined its windows OS. I took a free upgrade to 11, but the downloaded version from Microsoft took up 20GB, so i got a lite windows 11 on the net - backdoor - and reinstalled windows 11 with that, it only took 5 GB and was called phoenix; how about that, and it runs windows 11, I mean, how does Microsoft stuff 15 GB of nothing into official version?? I suppose it's copy data and trash, because 5 GB and it's still windows 11.

The MyAsus app is a store download. In my lite win 11 try, there's no store app anymore, so no MyAsus App for now.

I thought that with intel i7 processor, I also get intel BIOS. **bleep**, it's megabrand and it looks like a circus. It's so flumsy an interface, bet they made it hardcoding machinecode instead of using an IDE. And it's got errors like: I can't switch off internal WiFi (because I use a long range external instead) and I can neither switch off its ventilator and thus lower maximum CPU cooling policy.

And the BIOS doesn't even have drivers to find internal SSD. It should I think. Windows install can't find it.

Else it's got sound by harman/kardon, and: Oh yeah, i can really hear that it's kardon sound, for example Elton John sounds much nizer and more zen, truly optimized, gratitude.

But how do I make a system backup, is there an application that can find that SSD?? because now I finally got windows 11 setup and configured.


Star I

It took them a month almost to freight me this asus laptop across Europe, and as i am travelling I simply can't just return it.

So here's the news ASUS: You promised, this was gonna be a zen style computer, and I know how: You are gonna build a new BIOS that turns zen laptop ventilation off completely (my model is Asus ZenBook UX425EA) and contemporary keeps that internal temperature normal. Please tell me here: How long that is gonna take! According to that logo every time I boot this PC, you tell me of the incredible Asus folks can do. ..

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