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Zinbook 14 nuisances

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I bought a "zenbook", it was supposed to be fanless -> ZEN you know, it's fraud, ridicules.

Anyway impressive that you managed to stuff a noisy elevator into such thin layer! You have outdone yourself. -> A+ today.

I ruined its windows OS. I took a free upgrade to 11, but the downloaded version from Microsoft took up 20GB, so i got a lite windows 11 on the net - backdoor - and reinstalled windows 11 with that, it only took 5 GB and was called phoenix; how about that, and it runs windows 11, I mean, how does Microsoft stuff 15 GB of nothing into official version?? I suppose it's copy data and trash, because 5 GB and it's still windows 11.

The MyAsus app is a store download. In my lite win 11 try, there's no store app anymore, so no MyAsus App for now.

I thought that with intel i7 processor, I also get intel BIOS. **bleep**, it's megabrand and it looks like a circus. It's so flumsy an interface, bet they made it hardcoding machinecode instead of using an IDE. And it's got errors like: I can't switch off internal WiFi (because I use a long range external instead) and I can neither switch off its ventilator and thus lower maximum CPU cooling policy.

And the BIOS doesn't even have drivers to find internal SSD. It should I think. Windows install can't find it.

Else it's got sound by harman/kardon, and: Oh yeah, i can really hear that it's kardon sound, for example Elton John sounds much nizer and more zen, truly optimized, gratitude.

But how do I make a system backup, is there an application that can find that SSD?? because now I finally got windows 11 setup and configured.


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Don't you have an alternative BIOS, you know windows os has got tons of themes, and this BIOS looks like a circus, it's making my head spin. The boot manager is TRASH!

I can't select that it should load USB device in front of OS - to make a silly backup.
So FIRST i have to enter BIOS and select a USB device, and if that device gets unplugged, it's gone again, so i have to do it every time - enter BIOS first. It's a stupid boot manager. Hell, when i was doing BASIC programming back in the 80'ties, my interfaces looked better and was efficient. Those amegatrend developers drink coca-cola and sh*t out BIOS, so that it needs updating. Because that's what bosses tell: If they buy it, they'll need to upgrade it, because we've made thus.

Based on your description, from our standpoint, we may not be able to provide any further actions. To ensure the stability of your laptop's performance, we recommend using the system provided by us or Microsoft, rather than modified versions. Similarly, for the BIOS, we also recommend using the BIOS provided by us. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.

Every time it boots, I have to look at We Asus incredibles Logo bragging. I believe, it's the bios that decides this logo.  So can i have a bios for my zenbook 14 425 something without that porn??

It is like windows OS desktop. They have had yeeeeaaars to polish it, and it is still spewing out window frames on its desktop. You know, that there is the files window, the browser windows and the windows OS settings window also. So like the taskbar, it has a firm place at the bottom now in Wind 11. I want configured that the files just takes 1/3 of the screen, since they don't need more, and my .txt files should open on the rest 2/3. But I set windows again and again, it is **bleep**. On so is Asus boot manager. Where is my privacy?

I reinstalled windows os many times. I just had a surface pro 7+, and it was fanless, but its screensize is weirdo, you know a movie or all movies are 16/9, and it records something odd. And then the piece fell on floor and broke, so I bought this asus zen talk. But where is privacy for example with Visual Studio, you can't install it portable. Every time I change underwear, I have to reinstall all those **bleep**ing junction points for folder redirections for my portable programs, games and life goes on. Like they say in musical "Under pressure" -> I want out then! These complications must be traces of chaos from that beast ape brain, we according to Darwin came from. Back in those days, it was easy: we just hung in trees and ate bananas.

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I don't understand why this zen note book is not fanless, I am sure i read in asus support, that this zenbook is totally quit because it is fanless.

Okay, so i downloaded original windows 11 and installed it, the home version. The other one was faulty anywhere, crap, configurations all over again. And according to Darwin evolution this windows is a step better than windows 10, you know 10 -> 11.

I also just tested the game fallout 4, copied it from the old Surface pro 7+ to this zenbook 14; apparently it does not run smooth anymore, in 3D it jumps and seems poor. The fanless was better, I think.