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Zenbook UX581GV Enable action menu isssue

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I have Zenbook Pro Duo with screepad plus. it has
action menu option which is enabled however it does not work. i have contacted Asus and they have asked me to install SCreenXpert app, which did not make any difference. i have attached screenshot. if anybody could help to get that setting back. it use to work before not anymore.


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hey rodrigo, thank you and yes, i have already tried it, it did not help me.

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Hello bilal05 & AD09,
May you recall if there were any update or modification before the issue occurred?
Thank you.

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windows updates automatically, we can't stay on the same version forever as that is how it works, so i'm hoping Asus made the software for Screenpad considering that. if not then what do we do, of course the windows may have done it's automatic updating. And about modification i don't think there's any modification that happened although i'd like to try some troubleshooting.
Kindly help us with this ASAP, thank you.

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I have tried uninstalling some updates, did not help. i read somewhere given this is a new laptop this problem is not common so there is not much help available, but someone suggested contacting Microsoft. i have not yet.

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From what I’ve read in these forums, problems with re-installing the ScreenPad drivers is a pretty common problem. The reinstall process either doesn’t install all of the necessary components or fails to configure them properly.
It would be very useful to have ASUS Support personnel take a laptop with a ScreenPad and/or a ScreenPad Plus, have them wipe the system, install an unmodified copy of Windows 10 on the system and then reinstall the ScreenPad drivers so that they could see the problems for themselves. Then they could try to address them.
Just some wishful thinking.