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Zenbook Pro duo UX582ZW adapter

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Hiya, i just bought the Zenbook Pro duo 15" UX582ZW.

I'm going to be using this laptop around the world, and I can't seem to find a compatible adapter for different currents, specifically ENGLAND and USA.

I don't believe i can use the charger that comes with the laptop for both countries. If anyone knows where I would be able to buy a genuine *ideally compact* power adapter - that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


@support #UX582ZW



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Maybe there are different versions of UX582ZW  but the one I have comes with 110-220v adapter. You don't need anything else. Just buy a travel kit for the plug, or a standard PC cable of the country you visit in any local electronics store.

And considering that this machine is power-hungry and has a 240w power brick, I doubt that you'll be able to find something "compact" without compromising a very expensive device and potentially fry the adapter.



The transformer we provided is suitable for global use.
The Spec of AC adapter : 
Output : 20V,240W
Input : 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz universal 

You only need to ensure that the plug part is compatible with the sockets in the region you are traveling to.
If necessary, we recommend purchasing a universal plug adapter for your use.
Thank you.