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Very unsatisfied with the HDR performance of my OLED screen of 3402ZA

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HDR is enabled on my Windows 11 Zenbook 14 OLED 3402ZA. There are some videos I watch on youtube and they look too bright and I couldn.2t fix the issue. I tried almost every adjustment but no luck. Disabling HDR solves the problem but this time SDR performance is very poor. How can we fix this problem? 

Here is an video example.


this is how it looks when HDR on 




This is how it looks when HDR is off 






Hello, @munlu .

Please select the Start button, then enter settings > select Settings > System > Display, then turn on Use HDR in Windows to see if the problem can be solved.

At the same time, it is also recommended that you connect the power cable to ensure that the current power supply status supports the HDR option.

Thank you.

I already did that. I activated HDR from  from display settings in Windows Settings app. Where else could you do that? I didn't see any other toggle to activate HDR. If you check my second post you can already see that I even uploded a screenshot of Windows HDR setting. Besides my power cable is  plugged in.

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Sometimes the screen goes off itself and does not come back whatever you do. Only a reset solves it.

Sometimes this pc cannot wake up from sleep state. Only a reset solves it.

I'll keep adding problems about this horrible machine so than no body wastes money like me. 



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