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Hi im in thailand its 39 degrees outside and sitting here with two big fans for company. I was watching a movie on a second monitor when it started flickering. The next thing my audio went off. After a range of normal trouble shooting i picked up the laptop and found it was literally boiling hot. I turned it off let it cool down a bit then i turned it back on after it cooled down and sound came back on. Turning it over i noticed it has this between the cracks of the rear vent on what looks like a heat pipe. I dont want to scrape it. The laptops still under perfect  warranty.. What is this cracked stuff between these cracks.. Any idea? 


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Yes. Because the external device needs to be powered by the laptop, this also generates heat. 

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Sorry, we can't tell what's going on inside just from the photos.
According to what you described, this is most likely an abnormality caused by overheating.
Please refer to the following FAQ instructions. 

If the situation remains the same, please contact ASUS repair center in the country of your residence.

Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

Hi thanks for that, Naturally after this I installed HW monitor to keep an eye on my cpu temperatures, I noticed according to the monitor its currently 42 degrees but with the monitor connected via HDMI and powered separately via a USB c cable plugged into the mains it spiked to 92 degrees last night whilst playing a movie and it stayed at that level until the movie stopped playing for a while. Now the day after seems static at 42 degrees again.

Is there a circumstance where using an external USB 15" powered monitor can cause cpu temperaratures to spike?

thanks again

Yes. Because the external device needs to be powered by the laptop, this also generates heat. 

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