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Thinking of buying a zenbook oled but want to know Linux compatibility on ZenBook 14 oled(KM531WS)

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(Posts)[] on the forum makes me kind of concerned about linux compatibility with the newer zenbooks. I don't want to run windows on my laptop and want something like void/arch/gentoo on my laptop, so let me know if the hardware implementation on the zenbook 14 oled(KM531WS) raises major compatibility issues with the linux kernel and drivers.
Does the bios support UEFI boot? Can I just delete windows straight off from when I get my laptop? How much of a grind is to make Intel GPU drivers working on linux. Please help me out.

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1. There is a asus linux community here:
2. I found an indian web site offering a sus linux laptops:
Best Linux OS Asus Laptops in India | Cashify Listings

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