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screenpad plus; spotify issue

Star I
System: windows 10
Battery or AC:
Model: UX481FA-HJ064T
Frequency of occurrence: permanent
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:

Hi everyone.
I have a little problem with spotify when i put it on the screenpad plus. when it's full screen, everything is alright; but when i put it in half screen or less (1/3), control buttons (play, next,..) won't appear on the screen, so i always have to put the app in full screen again just to access those function which is annoying.

When i look at asus duo test, it seems like i'm the only one who has that problem?
Does anyone experience the same issue? Can someone help me? please

Community Legend II
Hello bazic91.
May I have a picture or a video of the issue?
Thank you very much.

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As you can see when i turn the window 1/3 or half screen, command buttons aren't accessible, only when it's full screen. It's like i'm the only one who is concern by this trouble. I tried to look for a solution everywhere on the internet (even here), never found any...

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I don't have that issue, but I have the UX581GV version.

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Hello bazic91,
Thank you for the picture.
This issue has been there since the beginning? or after certain update or modification?
May I have the spotify APP version?
And the ScreenXpert driver, ASUS system control interface V2, ScreenXpert App and ScreenPad2 Optimizer version?