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ScreenPad doesn't work

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: ScreenPad doesn't work
Model: UX534FTC
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes

Hello, after OS reset the ScreenPad doesn't works properly. OS detects the second screen and it is backlighted, but there is no any displayed information, it is black. This link does not help. Drivers installation cannot be checked, because you need to start *.bat files in powershelland there is no info about the version installed, changes etc. Theissue has come only after OS reset with file deletion. The only change I have, that the Windows 10 Pro was purchased instead of Windows 10 Home installed from factory. When I am starting the ScreenXpert, I am becoming the message that the ScreenPadService cannot be found. Does anybody have the same issue? Any suggestions? Technical support asks for OS Reset one more time. It sounds a little bit strange.

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Last edited by TimShep on 2020/2/12 00:25 Try the following, but be aware that ASUS are forcing you to move to Screen Pad 2 which has a no reverse action and much of the functionality of the Screen Pad is removed if you are in a location, such as the UK, where the new AppDeals app for the ScreenPad is not available and therefore you will be unable to use any of the new new (or old) ScreenPad apps as you will not be able to install them. You can try to contact support at and they might eventually realise that they have forgotten to get UK working; In order to fix this issue, I suggest starting with installing the latest ATK Package, by downloading the .zip from the link below, extracting (right-click > Extract All) and running Setup: Restart your computer where applicable. Afterwards, download, extract and run the latest Chipset drivers, so any new updates can be applied. You need to again extract and run Setup: Restart your computer where applicable. Next is to install the DisplayDriver for the Touchpad. Download, extract and install: Once extracted, open the "11538" folder, right-click on "Install_ScreenpadDisplay.bat" and run as Administrator. Wait for the setup to finish and restart your computer. Please see if the issue has been resolved. If not, kindly email me back, so I can forward this to our technical department. Thank you very much in advance.

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Hello sergmds, Sorry that I'm a bit confused about this part "Drivers installation cannot be checked, because you need to start *.bat files in powershelland there is no info about the version installed, changes etc." Which step were you stopped? May you provide screenshot? Thank you very much.

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Thank you very much @TimShep it's work for me now 😅. I had the same issue than @sergmds since 5 days with the message about the ScreenPadServices and my UX480FD makes a 3 month repair stay so i really wanted everythings works but it's not and because of you, it's!
Thank you again!