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Wifi disconnects when running certain programs

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Reset OS: Yes
Frequency of Occurrence: Sometimes
Model: UX533FD
System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Wifi disconnects when running certain programs

I am having a lot of issues with my wifi on my brand new laptop ASUS ZenBook and looking for any guidance. When I run my games on steam like CIV 6 for example or when doing random things on the laptop it will disconnect the wifi. However, it will stay connected to wifi for like 95% of all other use on the laptop. When i trouble shoot the issue with windows it will say something about the default gateway and resest it to fix it, I have also saw DNS server issue as an error once also. I have researched online and try to follow all the examples that are supplied like power managment, reset network and uninstalling the drivers but with the new windows 10, those tips and steps dont seem to apply or have changed. I also am unsure how asus installs drivers as i cannot seem to uninstall the wireless drivers or applications. Computer info: OS - Windows 10 home edition version 1909 Firmware version - UX533FD.306 Wifi - Intel(R) Wireless-AC 9560 160MHZ

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Hello hoogoo35, May you list all the programs that this issue occurred? Also, was there any user behavior difference when you are running these programs? Like plug in or connecting to any external device. Thank you very much.