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ScreenPad 2.0 Only functions as a second screen, no touch or app functionality

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System: ZenBook
Battery or AC: Both
Model: UX534FAC
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:

After receiving laptop setup was ok
Windows offered Windows 11 upgrade, after upgrade ScreenPad did not function, it is just a screen now showing the same background
Touchpad did not work, F6 shows nothing on screen as before
I followed the "How to fix the ScreenPad 2.0 problems when it is not working properly on my ASUS notebook" FAQ using Windows 11 drivers
This did not work, when running ScreenXpert manually the Quick Guide shows but touch is not working on the ScreenPad and the guide hangs when it gets to "Successfully switched to TouchPad mode"
I factory reset the PC back to Windows 10, followed the FAQ again, using Windows 10 drivers
The mouse driver I think should be there is not showing in Device Manager
I have factory reset twice now and followed the instructions
When following the FAQ the following was observed
Installing the "ASUS ScreenXpert Interface (Driver)" results in an error (Access Denied I think) - likely as the services are already running because the apps are installed - uninstalling the apps before running the steps does not remove the ScreenXpert services and still gives this error
Installing the "ASUS System Control Interface V3" results in "Driver already installed" error
ScreenPad2 Optimizer shows error: "0x0000010"
I have tried the "ScreenXpert does not start automatically" FAQ also

Am I just to return this and leave a negative review warning people that the laptop is not Windows 11 ready and Windows 11 will break the major selling point?

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Hi there,
Sorry.. I'm a bit confused.
When the screenpad is not working under Win11, you reset the laptop back to Win10.
How did you reset it? You reset it back to factory setting or you clean install Win10 again yourself.
If you reset back to factory setting, then screenpad drivers are already installed.
Then does screenpad work at this stage? or how does it look like?
Thank you.