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product registration not working

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I have a ROG Zephyrus that I had purchased about 2 years ago, and while on the asus website realized I had never registered the product, so I had wanted to do that, yet whenever I put my serial number and date of purchace the button to register my product remains faded and is never available, I attached an image of what it looks like, my serial number is blocked out yet it is the numbers straight from the bottom of the computer and the date purchased is the date of purchase marked on my bestbuy receipt. Any help is appreiciated, thanks.2023-05-08.png


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I am having the same issue with dual ProArt monitors, and I have to register them to use the free 3 months of Adobe CC


Hi @jkern513 、@sinias ,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Due to the need for your personal information, please PM me with the following information so we can assist you in verifying your registration. Thank you.🙂

(1) Photos of the product's outer box (including the serial number sticker) or the serial number sticker on the product.
(2) The purchase invoice for the product.
(3) Your member account email.
(4) Serial number.


Community Manager
Community Manager
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