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Problem with speakers (BIOS problem) on ZenBook 14?

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Hello, folks. I've bought ZenBook 14 UM3402YA. It has one annoying problem - speakers don't work because BIOS doesn't have necessary _DSD or ACPI tables. Here's a conversation about it - . Finalizing the conversation - the laptop needs BIOS update with _DSD fix. AFAIK, there was no update for the model since august 2022 (at least there's nothing here - More than a year we have no sound and look's like nobody bother. But I'm not. I need working speakers. Any suggestions how to get with contact with someone who's able to help? My local (regional) support ASUS center doesn't give a ****. They literally say 'Not our problem'.

Thanks in advance.



I haven't heard of a similar situation before. Please make sure that the audio driver is installed correctly, or you may consider restoring the system to check. If the issue persists, it is recommended to send your laptop to a repair center for further inspection of the speaker for any abnormalities. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 
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Audio driver is in kernel. I've tried versions from 6.1.35 to 6.4.3. Cirrus firmware is also installed (latest version from main git branch). Look at the link with conversation I've mentioned. It clears everything. The only thing we need from ASUS is to update BIOS. The fix is nothing more than a dozen lines of code to add support.

TBH, it's quite unfair this specific model doesn't have proper support in BIOS. Why does other ASUS laptops have? Please, fix this issue!

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Here is a dmesg output with messages about missing properties:

[   11.161172] cs35l41-hda i2c-CSC3551:00-cs35l41-hda.0: Error: ACPI _DSD Properties are missing for HID CSC3551.
[   11.163451] cs35l41-hda i2c-CSC3551:00-cs35l41-hda.0: error -EINVAL: Platform not supported
[   11.164614] cs35l41-hda: probe of i2c-CSC3551:00-cs35l41-hda.0 failed with error -22
[   11.166419] cs35l41-hda i2c-CSC3551:00-cs35l41-hda.1: Error: ACPI _DSD Properties are missing for HID CSC3551.
[   11.167772] cs35l41-hda i2c-CSC3551:00-cs35l41-hda.1: error -EINVAL: Platform not supported
[   11.169141] cs35l41-hda: probe of i2c-CSC3551:00-cs35l41-hda.1 failed with error -22



Please kindly provide the information below so that we can better assist you.
1. The current system build version being used.
2. The current BIOS version being used.
3. The current audio driver version being used.
4. The video where the audio issue is occurring.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.